More story in Destiny 2! :D


So much lore to tap into! I really hope Bungie does a solid job this time around.

What are some of your top choices for best video game stories? Let’s hear it.
Here’s my top 3:

  1. The Witcher 3
  2. Last of Us
  3. Final Fantasy 7 <— I can hear the FF6 players raging already.


The Last of Us was incredible in my opinion. I finished the game in two weeks because of how involved I was in the story. Also, the gameplay was very fun! Definitely one of the best third person story/shooters I’ve played!


In terms of pure storytelling, all gameplay aside:

The Last of Us was a master class in storytelling. In my opinion, the pacing, the writing and the acting was the best I’ve seen in a video game ever.