Need people for a Twitch community channel



Hey guy’s, Girl On The Mix here. I’m a small Twitch streamer with over 400 followers on twitch. I’ve been wanting to start a Sherpa twitch channel owned by several people. I made the channel and all the graphics for the new channel a few weeks back. I’m missing something though… PEOPLE! These people need to be ok with Transgenders and be open minded. To get in you’d have to do a raid with me to make sure you’re good at the game, I’d have to know you for at least a week to establish trust. I’d love for the channel to be launched within a month. Probably will be starting in D2. If you’re interested send me a message on xbox, my gt is Girl On The Mic. Also here’s the link to the twitch.


I streamed d1 and will be streaming d2 asap if you want to do a double stream on psn hit me up either on psn or twitch at xtigersamuraix, I’m perfectly fine with just about anything if prefer to keep my channels clean and fun, I’ve been playing since year 1 alpha and I’m not half bad so if your looking for a good team member for your stream team I’ll sign up any day


@XTigerSamuraiX Sorry but I play xbox and pc. I don’t own a ps4 and don’t plan on buying one. Sorry.


@The_God I probably won’t take you up on your offer for Twitch as I stream on Mixer. However, feel free to add me on X1 to run some raids, etc. My gt is onyxishere. Be sure to send me a message on Live to let me know who you are so I add you back. :slight_smile: