Need to bring filters back! [Solved]


Filters are a must have for finding listing’s you’re looking for. Having to scroll through every listing to find the activity you want to do is a bad user experience and a waste of time. I highly recommend you add that feature back as soon as possible.


There are filters. They are under the “Find Group” tab thing.


Sorry, I don’t think I was clear about what I meant when I said “filters”. When I say filters I mean the option to just see posts for Vault of Glass or Trials of Osiris for example. I don’t see anything that allows you to filter listing by activities anymore.


??? Go look under the Find Tab. There’s literally a list that says choose activity.
It says
I want to find other gamers"


I see it now. Sorry for about the confusion. I just didn’t expect it to be there. It just seems like it should be front and center and not hidden until you click a button. Thanks for the reply bro.


No problem. And yeah I agree the new website is a little more complicated than it has to be.


@Dell Thanks for the feedback. We are making tweaks to while we are still in Beta. Appreciate the support!