New Or Returning Players


Well I don’t know about everyone here but I’m super excited to finally use and think it’ll be a great tool to help new and veteran players alike to find worthy matches with each other in Destiny 2


Agreed. It will be nice for the new players to not have to deal with fake posts :smiley:


Agreed and no more stolen gamertags :confounded: @MJ_C6


Agreed. I hate my friends putting my name on it so I can get spammed during trials having me to turn off my notifications.


I’m super excited that you’re super excited. It’s also only to get better with time :grin:




How many Agreeds can we get going? :sweat_smile:


Agreeing to all the agrees! :nerd:


I’m agreeing to your agree @MajorTums :wink:


Yeah I really like it so far. I used LFG all the time in destiny can’t wait to see how it’s gonna be in Destiny 2.


We are really glad to hear that! We too share the excitement for D2 launch and match making in FTW!


Agreed This Is A Nice Website