No account verification email


I am not receiving any account verification emails. I have requested them from 3 different devices but have had zero results. None in my inbox or spam folder. Ftw* has been added to the address book yet still no correspondence anywhere. Any ideas?


same here, no emails and its not in the spam folder either


Same here. Contacted Customer Service and no luck until now


I’m having the same issue


@Mynameis2xsp @CyberWraith @Sgt_M @Cubs23Bears54 sorry to hear you are all having issues with the email verification.

If you are on Gmail, please check if it went to your Promotions tab. And also check your spam.

If it did go to your Promotions tab, please set so our emails go to your Inbox so you don’t miss an email from us. Or if it went to spam, please click “not spam.”

Better yet, add [email protected] to your contacts and everything will go to your Inbox. So after you add to your contacts, use the resend verification and let us know if it showed up.


nothing on my end either. Im using a yahoo email and have resent the verification email 4 times now. Is the automated service having issues?


added [email protected] as a contact in yahoo mail and still no email, this is frustrating when trying to post for a raid ugh…


same here waiting for hours still no mail…


Did you click “resend email verification” after you added [email protected] to your contacts?

I’m seeing a lot of “delays” being reported by our email vendor on Yahoos side. :confused:


Seems as though this wasn’t so much the fault of FTW, as one of those hiccups that can happen with email at times. Frustrating, absolutely. Checked a bit earlier this afternoon and surprise there’s my > 10 verification emails. Facepalm.emote
Shoutout to B for the suggestion about trying the resend after adding to the address book, wasn’t needed for me, but nice to see that community input.


It literally took all night for my email to show up I had to jump to another site just to find a group because I couldn’t get into my account. The old website was better.


Same here. GT: drakann


Shoot us a help ticket and we are happy to help you out.
Unfortunately we can’t control the Internets and other email providers after we send them off.

We are a new site and domain with tons of traffic and emails being sent, so providers may delay our emails to make sure we have a good reputation and not spamming.
I know it’s frustrating! So we greatly appreciate everyone’s patience. …you should have seen us freaking out this past weekend when Yahoo was delaying over 5,000 emails. And that’s not a lie! It took about 48 hours and Yahoo began trusting us more and the delay has gone down to practically no time.