No recoil on guns for PC!



Anyone on here come across this Forbes article? According to Mark Noseworthy, Destiny 2 Project Lead: “We may look in a few places where weapons need to be handled differently, and we’ll treat them slightly differently,”

“For instance, there’s no recoil on guns on PC because recoil on the controller feels really good. ‘I’m firing, I’m firing, I’m firing, oh, I’m losing control of my gun a little bit.’ That feels great, especially with magnetism and all the magic in the controller that makes you feel it. With a mouse and keyboard, you don’t want the mouse moving without you moving it, so recoil doesn’t feel good, so there is no recoil on PC.”

Also, what are you all getting Destiny 2 on?


I had not read that particular article, but it does make sense in certain aspects. So I am most definitely looking forward to the gun play on D2. To answer your question I’m getting it on all 3 (depending on how I like it on Xbox and PlayStation)


I guess my force feedback haptic mouse is now useless.


Yeah, totally makes sense. But if you are using a controller to play on PC, I wonder if they could activate recoil. There is something to the loss of immersion without sensing that recoil.

This is tough. The game felt so amazing on PC at the D2 Reveal event but now that it’s not coming until late Oct… I need to get my D2 fix before then!!!


would there be any way to tell if someone is using a controller on PC and effectively add/delete recoil?


Maybe they’ll have controller mode be a toggle option in settings? I don’t know. What I read is that the PC version will have bullet spread (expanding reticle) which makes more sense instead of forcing you chase recoil patterns with a mouse.

PC main and PS4 for sure. Maybe Xbox?


Hopefully the August PC beta will answer these questions. I agree, I would hope there is a toggle recoil option under PC settings for the controller.

Pre ordered on PS4 and will also get D2 on PC :slight_smile: