Old exotics might be returning to #Destiny2


Do you want old exotics back? If they are, which exotics would you want back?
I definitely wouldn’t mind Red Death and Claws of Ahamkara returning.


Holy Balls… this gets me excited. However, I assume they will be items with quests to go along with them. It makes sense, especially since our vaults are getting nuked. And that is always a good thing in my book.

My first exotic EVER in the game was Ice Breaker. My Warlock pants got really tight after picking it up. And especially since I got it 1 month after the game launched, it was a game CHANGER. I felt so damn powerful. I wonder if they’ll be bringing it back though. They have become pretty particular when it comes to gear that makes things unbalanced these days. I also picked up Voidfang Vestments the same day I picked up Ice Breaker, which got me to level 22 or something like that (this is before Light).

What armor/gear do you hope returns in Destiny 2? Or do you not want to see any old items?


Hype, I hope they don’t bring back anything like a uni or nlb. Other than those any exotic could come back and it’d be sweet.


I would like to see bones of eao return. it’s all i use for hunter. it really helps with jumping puzzles in raids.


I believe some exotics would be okay but I am kinda hoping for new material not reused!


I personally really want them to bring back old exotics


Hopefully they bring back my favorite hunter boots. Bones of eao


Id be happy if they just brought back the MIDA! I couldn’t care less about the other.