Old lfg was better


miss the old lfg


same, change for the sake of change isn’t the best, especially if things aren’t completely hammered out before launch


completely agree, old destiny LFG was 10 times better


Hey @Fyrium @iWifty Thanks for your feedback, but can you be more specific with the issues you are having. We know change is hard but having a registration and a profile enables us to thwart the spammers and scammers. When you connect your gaming network we an do cool things like pull in you actual guardian and much more to come. We are in BETA so please let us know what can be improved. Thanks for sticking with us. -Mark


Registration to post completely destroys the main goal of an LFG system. Everyone wants convenience and quickness, both of which have been thwarted by mandatory registration. And beyond just linking to an account, this app solicits extensive account permissions that many do not wish to accept. Any potential benefits of registration are significantly outweighed by the negatives. If you’re worried about spammers or scammers, you could always tag un-registered posts with a little warning symbol that says something along the lines of “This poster is not registered.” You could even include an optional filter to not display unregistered posts. At VERY LEAST, you could allow account verification without the extensive permissions. This would, of course, limit some of your planned features, but I can assure you anyone who doesn’t wish to accept these permissions has absolutely no interest in such extraneous features.

tl;dr, lfg is for quick and easy, this fails on both accounts


make it so that the posts are only up for like 4 minutes and not for more than a week


@supersnoboarder Thanks for your reply. Registration is a one time thing. Getting rid of the fraudulent postings has been our primary objective with registration and a major request from the broader community. Connecting your registration to your gamer handled enables us to pull data in your listing such as your preferred Guardian. Your listing preferences also save across devices so there’s added speed there. We are learning as we go, which is the true nature of product development, and can’t do it without input from you all! So thanks again for the feedback and support. -Mark


The simplicity of the old lfg was great, I agree that getting rid of scammers and spammers is a step up, but it was so mucheasier with good ol’ destinylfg.


I used the old destinylfg.com for years…

It was clean, clear, simple and very quick to use. Didn’t require sign ups. Exactly what I and everyone else wanted. It was what won me around compared to all the other solutions out there.

This new place is a disaster. Dark, ugly, hard to read, hard to use (especially on my iPad where scrolling through the filters takes an age).

I can no longer set a filter in seconds, and write my listing in another few seconds…

On top of all this, listings seem to last for hours, which due to them being hard to read, isn’t even obvious, I started to message someone who had listed 4 HOURS ago… what’s the point of that?

As for the forced sign-in… Was fraud and spam really that much of a problem. Didn’t see it myself in all the years of use. Just sounds like an excuse to get people to sign up, get their details and data for possible monetisation.

Talk on PS4 chat is the same… BAD MOVE.


YEAH, THIS SITE IS SUCKING HARD. I’m looking for alternate sites now that they screwed up so severly. We put up with a lot. The ads, then more ads, then video ads, then very little data per ad page … this is their death nell.


What you need to be asking yourselves is…

How many people will care enough to bother signing up, finding these forums, and providing you with this “feedback”?

99% will just say WTF… leave… and go to Reddit r/fireteams


Both of these features are completely unrelated to what I was talking about. Having an account, although it is empirically slower and less convenient than the old system, is not the root of the problem here. This is:

There is absolutely no reason the verification process should require these permissions. The features you described are completely unrelated. Saving preferences can be linked to your account on the site. Fetching stats or data does NOT require user permissions, as is apparent by the plethora of other stat-tracking sites (none of which you could even hope to compete with at this point) including destinytracker.com, guardian.gg, and destinytrialsreport.com. These sites already take care of any stat-tracking needs, and do not require cumbersome user interactions or mandatory sign-in/verification. I’ve actually verified my gamertag on destinytracker, and they DID NOT REQUIRE ANY APPLICATION PERMISSIONS TO DO SO.

So, again, why on Earth is your site demanding xbox live permissions for an LFG system?


fine, a good improvement, (slightly freaky too after reading that last post with the xbox permissions O.o) would be to simplify and more securely track our accounts without us having to give you any sort of permissions. Use the method some WoW sites use where you have to equip a certain item or something to verify, with some background support for those who think a 3rd party has claimed their account.
Gonna have to go back and check exactly what permissions you all got from me syncing my Battle.net account cause that seems really sketchy. As someone else also pointed out, other sites track our data without having to give permissions at all, so there’s no reason you all can’t do similar.

As I peruse, knocking whatever silly timer you’re currently using down to 10 minutes (or back to 5, idc) for post length would also be nice. Seeing multi day old posts doesn’t help anyone.

Also, making the site more lean would be nice. Functionality > Visual Ascetic. No reason to have changed the theme so drastically or at least allow us to change the theme in the future. Keeping the options popping so that people can see them would also be nice.

And for a rant one. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUST SLAP THE WORD BETA ON THIS AND GET AWAY WITH PUTTING THIS OUT TOO SOON. Internal testing and such should have been done beforehand, as well as having most of the ‘future’ features up and running for launch. Things should have been pushed back and thought out further before any decision to spontaneously update was made. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by launching early with many QOL bugs/issues making it through to the public.
As you should well know, an initial public reaction can be damning or promising and you aren’t doing yourself any favors by launching prematurely


Thanks for the note and the suggestions. We are definitely working on adjusting the timers and will take on your other feedback as we continue to polish the site. -Mark


Hi All - Brock here. The original creator of DestinyLFG.com.

First off - totally understand this is a total shift from DestinyLFG.com. We get it and know many of you miss the seamless and simple use. But we promise you will love it once you start listing.

  • Did you notice that all your previous settings are saved per game?
  • And that’s saved for every device you log in with your name?
  • Did you notice that we auto pull in Destiny Guardian data and you are not entering those specific stats? No one can falsify their details. We even have been talking about adding in an option to pull in K/D and ELO. We plan to do this for games that also support it in the coming months.
  • Did you know that FTW.in is also seamless and simple to use?

Secondly - I feel honored everyone wants to go back to the old design compared to FTW.in. That honestly makes me feel special. Did you know when I built DestinyLFG.com I hadn’t built a website in 11 years? That’s why it was the biggest piece of shit when it was first built. Haha. It crashed all the time. I had people infiltrating with scripts. I still had people yelling that the site sucked… Honestly, it was like a person on crack built it. But not this time around! We have an amazing product design and dev team working on FTW.in

Third - we are not going back to the old DestinyLFG.com. Sorrrreeeeeeee not sorry.

Lastly - everything we have built has a purpose. This is our MVP or Minimal Viable Product. It’s the blueprint for what we plan to innovate and iterate on top of. This MVP launch is the hard part. It is the foundation for us to build even more such as event scheduler, clans, chat, and more. And by connecting you to networks such as Xbox, we can start building integrations that connect this to your console.

So what I’d love, is for you guys to give us some constructive feedback that would make your multiplayer gaming experiences sooo much better through a tool like FTW.in. What is your dream tool?

Net net. We get it. Old habits die hard. But trust me. You’ll dig FTW.in.

Why was this website made?

You have a real issue if you don’t know what the issue is. Lfg is so awkward and trash now


Registation emails actually sending out so i can post that i need people would be a start -_-


@TooManyBrownies We are having issues with our email provider and yahoo today which is unfortunate but these things happen when launching something new. It should be cleared up soon. Thanks for dropping a ticket in.


Why would you take the old site away if this is only in beta? Now we are forced to use an incomplete site that fails at the only things most are looking for: quickness and simplicity.


the interface is confusing with Chrome Browser on laptop - buttons ? are on or off or both?? not clear which os on, also adds between listing and long scrolling due to size of listing its a really bad interface :frowning: