[OTC] Over The Counter | Tight-Knit Community, Overwatch Comp Team, Looking for Members



Hello! We are Over The Counter, a tight-knit community of gamers looking for more people to play with. We’ve been following Overwatch since closed beta, and play a multitude of other games as well. The majority of the main members of OTC are currently trying to climb on the ranked ladder in competitive, our average SR is around ~2500, with most of us being Platinum. Although we play for fun first and foremost, we are all trying to improve our game as a TEAM. We have 2 DPS, 2 Tanks, but are missing two supports as “official” team members. We’re used to playing Quick Play for the most part, and we don’t mind playing it a good bit, either. But we are trying to transition to playing more competitively as a team.

OTC is very much oriented around friendship, and having fun. We’re a very lighthearted bunch, and who all like to play together. Although everyone gets salty sometimes ( because Overwatch really can do that to you at times ) we don’t insult eachother, and if we do, it’s only as a joke. It’s all about constructive criticism and input from teammates to improve one another’s game.


  • 16 or Older
  • Lack of Toxicity
  • A Discord

We’re looking forward to having you join!