Outbreak Prime



Looking for a Hunter and a Warlock for Stage 3 - Channeling the Corruption - Synchronize the SIVA Engine.

send me a message - UGA Bulldog 2x



You still doing outbreak prime?


Outbreak prome**


Yeah, hit me up on Xbox messenger. I’ll be around.

UGA Bulldog 2x


I’m a hunter, looking for a titan


i Have a titan


Bump. Still Looking for a Warlock and Hunter.


I could help. Have a 400 hunter but I need help on step 2 doing the patrol/whatever stuff.


Cool. I’ll be back on in about 4 hours and will message. Let’s find a Warlock in the meantime.


sounds good. GT is the same as username


Yo, I’m a Warlock, need a Titan, I’m available almost every night, just message me through Xbox Live and I’ll grab a Hunter so we can do it.


We already have a hunter. Me. You would be our third so we are good to go then.


WARLOCKS - apply within.


Im a Warlock, stage 3!


are you still doing outbreak


I am, I’m a Warlock at the final stage, so needing a Hunter & Titan, hit me up. Username is same as GT (XB10


Im on the first set of inputs for the siva engine, I need a hunter and a warlock. Add me on xbox (GEV YouTube) so we can get this done some time.