Overwatch competitive for Xbox one



hello fellow xbox player I’m looking for serious for competitive match and trying to make a clan for my broadcasting my Sr are really low but I’m still working on it but if you want to join me and my clan just reply on my post my main is Hanzo, junkrat, roadhog, mercy, Zenyetta, andd much more if you are interested just add me my GT Ironzombieboy38 and I’ll add you guys back and don’t forget to put your SR and your main Overwatch character that you are really good at playing oh I forgot my level Is 178 just to let you guys know anyway I alway broadcast when I play competitive if you don’t want to join or if you guys want to see how good I am just feel free to watch my broadcast on mixer.com/Ironzombieboy38 Adult only girlgamer can Join as well

Josh Hurtado aka