[PC] [2410] [NA] Tank and DPS Main Looking for Others!



Hi everyone! I played Comp for season 1 and 2 and finished in platinum. I took a break from the game due to PC issues and school. With a bit of help and some luck, I can play Overwatch on my PC!


I have been playing shooter games since the original Quake game in the 1990s. I also played various shooters such as the original CoD and Battlefield 1942. I stepped out of the shooter scene and played World of Warcraft over the past 8 years. When Overwatch came out, I decided it was time to come back to shooters!

Where I am Now

Currently, I am ranked 2410 and decided doing solo queue just doesn’t work most of the time. I am looking for other players who want to team up and have some fun in quick play while doing some comp on the side. I have a mic and communicate regularly. Unlike many players we run into, I am willing to swap toons to benefit the team as a whole (for counters or if someone is strong with a specific toon).


I am an experienced tank playing Orisa on capture points, and payload defense. I have quite a bit of time playing Zarya on offense as well. I also play D.Va in offense and defense when needed. My main playtime hours are on Zarya and D.Va with Orisa quickly gaining.


While playing World of Warcraft, I played a healer class in raid environments. As most WoW players know, healing can become stressful in raids especially when you have to track 20+ characters at one time. I can play Mercy or Lucio as a healer and can handle the stress from an opposing team when we are in a tight mess.


Due to my experience playing Quake, I have a lot of hours playing Pharah. I understand the concept of aiming a rocket and causing impact damage in various situations. Unforunately, players are smart enough to counter Pharah in comp mode, so I diversified myself.

I discovered that I am natural with Soldier 76 and Sombra. I studied various Sombra guides and realized that I have a talent for playing her. While playing Sombra, I realized how great she is for defense based on my play style. I hope to main Sombra for competitive once I am solidified with my playstyle and utilizing her talents.


Long term, I would love to work my way into Masters just to see if I can do it. I love the way Codey plays Sombra and he is inspirational to me regarding my ability to play Sombra on a higher level. Short term, I want to meet other players, have a great time, and grow together as a team and get back into platinum.

My ID is JetBlast#1431