[PC] [EU] - 2700 Zarya main looking to duo up with someone. Shoot for diamond!


I am a very decent Zarya main that can charge the graviton faster than most players. And i know how to use my shields to safe ppl/charge ulti fast.
My aim is to go to diamond and beyond.
I also main soldier, pharah and tracer.

I am:

Im looking for:

  • someone that can combo with my zarya in a very effective way
  • has good game sense
  • communicates too
  • is mature as well

add me: BotoXXXXXXXX#2974


Hey, few season ago i duo partner with Zarya and got all time to diamond, maybe we can try together :slight_smile: Add me


add me: BotoXXXXXXXX#2974