[pc eu] - mercy/sym god main - 2600 aiming high



Who I am:-

I main mercy and symmetra. I’m also able to play Lucio, Dva, Mei, and Pharah. I play on PC in EU regions. I’ve been playing since Overwatch was released, then I took a break throughout seasons 2-4, and now I’m back in the game trying to climb. I have been stuck in this bracket because I always get paired with people who throw & troll. I’m an excellent healer & a tactical symmetra who’s able to communicate. I can solo heal with the right group.

Who I’m looking for:-

Mature and seasoned players who know their shit. Players who protect healers, defend/attack point, get picks, combowombo, progress, communicate with one another, don’t throw, patient, etc etc. If you don’t fill the criteria of these things then don’t waste your or my time. I’m looking for players who share the same vision and want to climb together consistently and get out of this platinum hellhole.

(Not looking to be the leader of the group)

If you need a core support main in your group, leave a post here stating what you main/SR/group comp you’re running.

Reach me: Bionic#2417