[PC] - LF 2200-2700 (you can be higher) for Comp Team


Looking for competitive players for Overwatch comp.

  • Must have 2200+ SR (currently or have had this current season)
  • Must have a microphone
  • Must communicate
  • Must be flexible with heroes, however PREFERRED to stick to 1-2 main heroes.
  • Will work around team comp and also remain friendly, but competitive with a winning attitude.

Serious inquiries only!
(3600 main experience)


Support main here xtelo#1799 highest comp rating 2982 this season is 2680. My top 3 in order are Mercy Ana and 76 but that just cause I played comp with lower rated friends so I play dps with them.


I can play all tanks and supports, main rein, lucio, zen, and am starting to play a lot of mcree


Definitely interested, former Master experience, main Soldier, Pharah. I can Zarya and Ana well


Support Main(Loads of Lucio but can play others) - Currently 2270 SR - 15 Years Old - Mature - Never Tilt/Give up - Really Possitive Hypo#11237


Tank main level 1032 and currently at 2761sr RicePixel#1331


currently sitting at 2800 if you need 1 insomnia#12635


I need a solid teammates my ranked is 2700


Seriously interested. 2700+ SR.


Interested I main soldier but can flex ǶȐĔǞPŦĬĿȄŜǶ#1492 i am at 2391 sr


Yo, would love to join. Currently 2250 but peak this season was 2476. Play mcree mercy and I have started to play sombra. Add me on bnet at Ferret#11192 and msg on discord at Ferret#5123


3.3k SR hitscan DPS main, able to flex to anything really. 3 accounts in master last season. too bored to solo queue this season. Sniff#21680 also I can get a lower rated account assuming you’re on EU


Play all healers except ana, some mccree, 2200, Dorito200#1826


2540SR. pretty interested in joining, my preferred hero’s are soldier and zen but i played a lot of Winston last season and reckon i can still play him to a decent level, I’m also trying to learn Ana at the moment. looking to climb up with some like minded people that want to try hard.


interested hmu


hey im ranked atm 2419sr i main mccree and soldier and also ana


Hey, im ranked 2800 season high and I mainly play dps. hmu Heda#21322

(I main dps in solo’s but can play any role in team if needed)