[PC] -N. American- Ana main, 27 years old. Not super weird. SR 1550-1780


I’m 200+ hours on console, built my PC and switched.

Season 3 placement matches on console were a perfect 10/10 with my group. They are not on PC, now placed 1780. Had six disconnects yesterday, some were in and out. Fell down to 1569.

Looking to climb back up.

Active comms.

Can play a good hanzo, genji or mei.

Again, no weird stuff, I don’t care how old you are, be chill, stay positive, and call out important things like “Mei behind” or “Group up”

Add nadnal#1276


Hey Nadnal I am in a community that strives to improve performance and have fun, we just started and we hope to see you in it! We are going to host events through the game and we’ll play comp,quick play, and many others. We plan on making one good team to practice 1-2 times a weeks all together. If you would like to join come to vengeance gaming today!



Hey man, i clicked on your link and got a virus downloaded to my computer


Hey! Idk if you’re still looking for players but I’m around 1500 sr and I was hoping to join a competent (and mature) team! I gave you a friend request. I’m mainly a tracer/Lucio/ Winston, but I can be different roles.