[PC][NA] 2589~ Support Main LFT


Serious Support Main LFT.

My current comfortable characters this season are as follows:

  • Mercy

  • Zenyatta

  • Widowmaker

  • Mei

Rough Background:

  • In Counter Strike 1.6 I was part of a competitive team called 1S1K (1 Shot 1 Kill). If you can find records back that far, my played name was Pyrex. Multiple FPS games after that which I have had the Username of “Xinterp”, “XINTERP”, or “XINTERP_DG” are as follows: CS:CZ, CS:S, CS:GO, Halo:CE (On PC), Evolve (Wraith/Gorgon Monsters, Lazarus/Bucket Heroes), Crysis2, and Titanfall2. All of which have given me a strong competitive background.

  • I’ve been playing Overwatch since release. S1 Rank: 49 (Team), S2 Rank: 2131 (Solo), S3 Rank: 2033 (Solo), S4 Rank: 2471 (Solo)

  • My current rank in Overwatch is 2589~ solo (With some team play), when playing with at least a duo, I climb. I’ve been looking for a team that plays regularly, and due to my schedule of being a truck driver, I can’t fit most “Practice” times that are late at night since I leave early in the mornings.

  • I’m 28 years old and I don’t want to mess around at this point. Sick of toxicity and throwers which seem to be 90% of my games in ELO.

Baseline Requirements:

  • Team that needs a Support Main

  • Team that is vocal and has comms set up


  • Primarily English Speaking Team

  • A Team of tight-knit players who are willing to accept another into their ranks

  • Regular practices and competitive climbing play

If you feel that I may be what your team needs, please feel free to contact me.

B-Net: Xinterp#1513

Overbuff: https://www.overbuff.com/players/pc/Xinterp-1513?mode=competitive

OWTracker: https://overwatchtracker.com/profile/pc/us/Xinterp-1513

MasterOverwatch: https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/Xinterp-1513

PlayOverwatch: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/career/pc/us/Xinterp-1513

Time Region: -6 (CST) USA Central Time


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