(PC)(NA) Looking for a team to grind out of silver


Hello Everyone!
So, I am a platinum player on xbox, but I just haven’t found much success on PC so far. I feel like if a solid team of players came together to make a team, and were willing to play what was required; it would be so easy to climb. Let me know if you are interested in this grind.
Bnet: titanstar#1858


Hello Titanstar! I’m interesting in climbing out of silver as well and would like to help put a team together! Let me know if you want to queue together.


I’ve literally had a bad genji or hanzo on my last 12 games. I’ve been struggling to stay between 1600-1700 all season. Whenever I get a team together I can climb several hundred points in a night. I’m a Pharah main but I can play nearly every hero confidently. Add me at DanDahMan#1400.