Petition to bring DestinyLFG back


This version is WAY TOO CLUTERED. Takes too long to post, and nobody is inviting now which means nobody is using this site.
I start the motion to bring back DestinyLFG or boycott this site.(hows that for contstructive criticism)


There is a reason this was implemented and Its because they didn’t want to have to have multiple sites for multiple games. Its cluttered because they brought all their LFG sites together and they thought it would benefit the player. Also you dont have to be invited you can invite people as well. Also most posts are instant.


No, this new setup is hot garbage, all it’s done is push people to the recruitment section of the Destiny app.


How is this site “WAY TOO CLUTERED”? This site has broken it down easier for a 3rd grader. Sure you’re required to make an account to post, but it’s still as simple to post just as the previous DestinyLFG. This version is far better and sorry to hear that you’re receiving any invites from other players. I’m posting and receive invites. Maybe you should look at how you’re posting/hours of the day?


Hi All - we are working hard to bring back the magic of

We ARE listening to your feedback and making those fixes so feels seamless and less clunky. We are planning a ton of fixes today. You can check out our current feedback an issues list below.

Thanks for being patient and being a valued member of the community!


Agree. This site sucks. It was already getting stale, now it’s useless. See you guys on


The problem with not being invited might be people accidently or on purpose sorting by max light level only? Though yes, it looks like posts have dropped slightly. I’m not noticing too much as I wind down a bit and have been just using r/Fireteams.

Adding to this, other people might also be slowing down D1 play as they get ready for the D2 Beta and eventual release.


I will play less because the FTW site is too clumsy. If that’s what they want, I guess.


how do I sign it


Yes this site is just to complicated, all people want to do is load page and do a quick sign up that takes less than 30 sec. I really don’t think people were using other peoples gamertags.


totally agreed, the layout is terrible


salty players these days must cry about something they don’t like.


there’s nothing salty about wanting to jump in and find a group. when it takes 10 minutes for someone to just sign up the first time, they get tired of it and bail. you need to drop the signups and just bring back the original way, or your going to lose your traffic permanently. then what good is a fancy new site?


Bring it back


This platform is pretty hard to find people, compared to destiny lfg.


Appreciate this feedback. When we were concepting, we wanted to reduce the amount of time it takes you to list, while keeping your information accurate. The feedback we received during testing was that it is even faster to list than our legacy sites, and very nice knowing the persons information was accurate and not fake. Yes, you do have to log in and also associate a gaming network (PSN, Xbox, etc) - which you only need to do once btw - but we found that after you do that, it’s even faster to list.

We also had plenty of people typing in their Twitter, Twitch, Youtube urls into the comments on the legacy sites, so we wanted to make that easier for them to show those off and reduce clutter in the comments.

But if you have some other ideas on how we can simplify and quicken the listing process, please share!

We don’t want a toxic community. It’s not fun for anyone and a mess to moderate. I can tell you abuse was rampant on and our other sites. And without a log in, you simple can’t control it (people would fake IP addresses). And that doesn’t lead to a good, quality gaming community, only a toxic one.


Good work beerock forget all these haters. Keep it up!


I don’t know about you guys, but the recruitment section of Bungie.Net is landing me more teams than this site has recently. They have a much better system than this. I agree, the old LFG should be brought back.


@TroddenHat39701 They are not bringing the old site back, it was outdated and needed a revamp. I get its different but its not going anywhere, its only going to improve.


agreed. Bring back LFG. This is not working at all.