Petition to bring DestinyLFG back


@WRECK2112 news flash kid, it’s not coming back! Only improvements are coming for crybaby kids like you.


I really don’t think people were using other peoples gamertags.

I ran into it every couple of weeks. Streamers on Twitch dealt with it constantly. There was also the issue of people posting with bogus gamertags so they could post spam and promote trials carries, raid carries, etc. It was definitely a serious problem that needed addressing.


NOT going to happen, just accept it.
Change takes time but this so far is far better than the plain basic web design of a noob.


no you won’t lol


nicely said.
if you’re pig headed then change is not good and cry about it and toss logic out the gaming screen. :slight_smile:


No, this site is too cluttered, runs slower, doesn’t seem to save my settings ie If I uncheck Xbox it’ll still appear when I next log on whereas the old site would not, and shows posts from hours and hours ago which are no longer relevant. Please go back to the old lfg site or put the coding from the old lfg sites into each subsection of the new ones e.g the would look the same as and act the same.


give it time. this site was released only weeks ago. everything needs time to get better. they will eventually release more and more patches until it fixes. yes, it does have problems now. but it will fix. I for one think this is a much better site.


Yes. Bring back DestinyLFG. No one posts anymore.


are you joking? plenty of people are posting. I looked on there just now and one posted a second ago, another posted 6 seconds and another 10 seconds and there were way more


Hey @StarlightSpade the team is working on a bunch of fixes this week to make it feel like the old LFG. For example the listings no longer show posts older than 10 min so it doesn’t become too cluttered. More and more fixes regarding profile editing, filtering and posting are happening this week.

Full list of updates: Release Issues & Feedback List


YES. PLEASE. this new site blows.


I don’t care about the layout, ill get used to it. But there is just so much less action on this site…I’m not finding enough teams compared to lfg


yes please. leave, you actual made it possible for my eyes to bleed by looking at text from that reply.


@L0rdCROISSANT wow you’re even on computer typing that and it made no sense, google can help you with grammer kiddo.


why don’t you read it again. thanks for the compliment, haven’t been called a kiddo… in a very long time lol

#37 was the premier site for finding destiny groups. Super active. Could load the site and post instantly. It was amazing. Both .net omg this FTW are clunky and void of activity. Man bring back the classic it wasn’t broke don’t fix it. LFG sucks butt now


I agree, i used the old site all the time, now ive ditched this all together


The original destinylfg site worked because it was simple to navigate and post. While the new layout is a step forward, it is also a step backwards. If it takes me longer than a minute to navigate the site, you’re doing something wrong.


how does it take longer than a minute to navigate it? I take no longer that 10 seconds


I hate the new website. PLEASE for the love of god just bring back DestinyLFG. As it stands now, you’ve killed the website