Petition to bring DestinyLFG back


lol. what the hell. this guy calling people kiddo wut


Why is everyone just posting topics with salt in their eyes?

What are they honestly complaining about because I think this site is bloody dope.


They don’t need to bring it back at all. It’s fine and amazing how it is now. It’s simple to use once you learn how to use it.


I stopped using this site since the they changed it. I do not like the new interface. The previous was much better in every way


Nope. This is much easier. Plus they will not take the time to redirect the links to old sites


This was a huge step in the right direction. I’m very happy it was done before Destiny 2 :slight_smile:


If we move more people being innovative, the more the web is going to be a better place. People like have the direction set and they’e moving towards it.

I’d gladly promote in helping gamers come together finding other players.


I for one find using this site cluttered and I’m unable to find groups when looking for a none raid of the week. Because of this, I’m only playing Destiny when VoG is the Raid of the week, because I’m only looking to optimize the gear I currently have, which the VoG gear looks the best, IMHO. That being said, I could find groups on the old LFG site just fine. So my question is, why change the formula, when it was working just fine? Back when I was looking for the weekly raids, I’d see listings from folk over 30 mins old. There should be a time out feature, being that those folk probably had their group filled and hated getting messages still. I’m signing this to bring back the legacy LFG.

PS, most folk don’t want to sign up for more stuff regarding gaming. To play any game these days you seem to need 5 or 6 different accounts with everything and folk are tired of it. That was an area that was great about the legacy LFG, you didn’t have to sign up for it. I used that service for 2 1/2 years, never signed up. Just log onto it, fill in what I was looking to do, drop my GT in it, and success.



I get what you’re saying @BBQ_Express
But what I think you’re referring too is only UI change… Because this site does exactly the same as what " LFG " does and I’m sure the owners will become more innovative along the way and listen to it’s members to make the best of it’s ability.

I’m sure a few UI tweaks would probably make this one of the best websites to go to where it has a lot of the latest titles for groups, raids, and put-togethers.

If anything man why don’t you write down what you LOVED about LFG in details and maybe throw it in an email directly to – That’s direct contact of a solid member as you did say you’ve used LFG for like 2+ years.

If you’ve got ideas man, shoot them over to them as well. You don’t know, things might be coming or plans might already be in action with the chief @ManBearPig himself.

Sorry if this comes across as soppy or drained out, but it’s just an honest opinion.


Hello rastaedy, we as a team of individuals known as the lfg champions and the development team have been striving over the last two years to create something better, safer, and more efficient than the original destiny lfg site where all gamers can come together and enjoy the games they love with new friends every day. We knew that Instead of having 1 single site for each game, we could combine all the different gaming communities together into one place to make it a better and more efficient platform for all gamers to find friends to kick butt with. We are currently in the beta stage for the site, and i cant say much, but i can assure you the future of this platform will be much better. Although I along with all my other fellow champions are sad to hear that you are not enjoying the current state of this site, we thank you for your feedback and we hope you will stay and continue to use lfg to enhance your gaming experience for the better. @rastaedy
Keep Kicking Butt Guardian!


it’s not even the layout, its fine its going from getting 40+ invites doing one post on destiny lfg to getting 0 invites on the new website



53 years old. Not a kid. LFG worked much better. Now I have gone from using LFG about 15 times a day to once a week. Every time I use it got to say WTF.


bring back the old website, this website is trash


Maybe destiny isn’t at its highest point right now because destiny 2 is coming out. A lot of people are pretty unmotivated to play the game.


Personally, I dont care if the site is as simple as a black and white non fancy forum with a really simple “list” and “find” which truncates each post after 10 minutes, allows you to have the option to fill in the info without logging in, and allows posts to be reported or blocked and after too many reports, IP ban.

Simple, elegant, to the point, thats what I want (and most of the DestinyLFG community wants).


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


I did not realize any major difference to destinyLFG exept for the style. And I like the new style / theme.
There are only two issues I’d like to have fixed:
Let me have destiny 2 as my default game and forward to
And the highlight colors of “find” and “list” are confusing. The yellow border looks like “active”. But when “list” is yellow it shows the form to find posts. And the other way round.

Otherwise I cannot understand the complaints. I use for raids and nightfalls and it worked steady and quick…


Maybe thats due to guided games and things like xbox lfg?