PoE returning to Destiny 2



Reddit user /u/xxoACEoxx uncovered Prison of Elders data, as of October 12, when they recently did a deep dive of the Destiny 2 database.

I for one, highly welcome this! Challenge of the Elders was a lot of fun (vs Prison of Elders) but either would be a very welcomed since things to do are running a bit dry in Destiny 2 right now. Now if they could fix it so we have random rolls on weapons, that would be even better. But I digress.

However, they definitely need to add in a strong reward system and purpose to doing PoE or CoE. I’ve been very disappointed in Iron Banner. Sure it’s fun, but I’m scratching my head with, “what’s the point?” since doing IB has no advantage than any other activity out there, even doing regular crucible or Trials!

What do you guys think? You welcome the change? Don’t care?


UPDATE: apparently /u/Cozmo23 from Bungie has written back that this data was an artifact from D1 and is not planned for Destiny 2. #sadcakes :frowning_face:

Hopefully they will add a horde mode arena. I wonder what that we be… :thinking: Even better, what if they added a battle royale mode in the D1 Cosmodrome like Fortnite or PUBG Battlegrounds?!! :laughing:


To Ben honest I agree. The game got dry fast. I maxed all three characters and I see no reason to play any longer because I won’t gain or benefit. I only play randomly to help people through.