[POLL] Just wondering, New or Old


Lets see the results!


I am not really sure what the exact issue people have with the new site, everything that I had issues with the last site have been fixed with the new one. I will absolutely say, it is far from perfect but the potential this site has is far greater than the old version.




Hi Team FTW.in - we really appreciate your love for the old site. We are definitely listening to your feedback and requests while we work out some of the kinks to make things snappier and seamless!

As mentioned, when we set out to build FTW.in, we wanted to improve upon some of the fundamental issues that were wrong with our old site. Sure, we’ve got some bugs and kinks to work out with this version and we are hard at work for you.

So keep the constructive feedback on what we can do to improve to make your multiplayer gaming experience better!

We believe in FTW.in and have big plans for what it will become for you.


@flashaadan The bulky-ness of the actual LFG product, the inability to delete/modify your post if its after a 10min time frame, stating that the process of registering your account avoids the wrong person confrontation even though people use destinytrialsreport.com or a similar to make sure they arent trash, the ability to properly flag people soliciting money (you just dont register and bam, you can solicit all you want)…

Its the fact that nothing was really wrong with the old site, and yet the improvements took away the good things. i.e. a fast website to find a group.


Keep FTW.in, keep all the games in one spot. I don’t mind having to click one extra thing to select Destiny.

Just change the LFG system itself, the way you post/filter/display/search back to the old system. It was more streamlined. The current one is just way to bulky.


FTW.in, as a website, is really a masterpiece and I respect that, but Destiny’s LFG was a bit more streamlined and easier to use.


The old LFG’s auto-delete system of posts was actually quite handy for finding people (or no one) quickly. Now, posts are up for hours at a time again. It only really adds one step, which is to look at the time it was posted, but it’s a step I didn’t used to have to make.

The change itself was also prohibitive for a lot of people who were blasted in the face by having to (or seeming to have to) make an account for a service that used to be largely anonymous and simple/easy to access.

Those are the impediments I saw in just the first fifteen minutes of using the site. Ultimately, the site is largely fine, it’s more an issue of people resisting adaptation and being confused/stubborn. Alas.




@beerock @MajorTums @quesack @sunfyre ts of negativity in the public discussions. The idea of this site is great, but the execution needs some work. Posting for a group should be very similar, if not the same, to the old site. People just don’t like change, and are really just complaining about one time actions such as registering. I really like this site though, and I’m not mad. It just sucks to see all this backlash at something we helped test and build together. I hope the community can come together and see what ftw.in really is, and what the old site has been all along. A website to get together with your friends, talk about, play, and just love videogames. Love what you guys have done, and I love how you’re standing by your decision to change the site, and you don’t plan on going back.


Thank you for the message @LinkTheHeroOfTime, we are doing our best to make FTW.in a great site by hearing our users’ feedback and implementing changes as we see fit as quickly as possible.


Hey @LinkTheHeroOfTime @Agent_Neeb @208Firebird @OHeaThere @FlashakaDan @zztweakz here are few fixes to the site this week:

Game Rooms

Listings so they auto remove after 5 minutes (Destiny only)
Add the refresh button for mobile devices
Only show 20 listings per page

Check FTW.in Release 0.9 Issues & Feedback List
for the full fix list breakdown.


My main issue is having to log in to do anything. Makes it super bulky feeling whenever I need to enter credentials. I think this is deterring others as I am finding less people available it seems.


We understand this is a shift. But the reason for this is to

  1. Helps us fight abuse and solicitors. Now that people have a log in, taking action is much more drastic and people cannot be faked. We know exactly who the user is and the networks they are tied to.
  2. We can do cool stuff now that you sign in that isn’t implemented now: reputations, clans, auto matching you to like-minded people in the future, tying in studio APIs like we have with the Bungie API in the Destiny game room. All of this should make your experience more seamless. Not to mention, you only need to do it once.
  3. You know exactly who you are playing with and not a fake user or solicitor or scammer.
  4. Sign in on any device and the listing preferences under the LIST menu are still there because we save them to your profile

If we didn’t have a log in, unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to do any of this.


The old version was definitely more simplistic and open which allowed it to be, or at least appear to be more streamlined. However, This new website has the potential to be just as great as the main function and focus is the same. LFG’ing


83% of voters currently prefer the old destinylfg site to the new one. The admin team keeps saying things like “working out the kinks” and “listening to feedback” but seem to refuse to realize this is a core issue and not little kinks and bugs. The site was built on matchmaking with speed and this is now gone, the core forgotten. The site software is bulky, tacky, ugly and useless. I can’t see a single feature this new site has brought to me other than a platform to complain about it. I really wish the admin team brought in destinylfg veterans to beta test the site because there is no way this would have passed. DestinyLFG already had a bad stigma and this will only add to the issues. Unless a major overhaul occurs most of us know where the activity will continue to sway.


Its the whole inability to admit when one is wron sQuaTs.

All these fixes should have been handled prior to forcing everyone to switch over.
Another added thing… you do not have to be logged in to post therefore your reasoning behind having to log in (to enforce solicitors), is invalid.
It seems all the “good” things these admins keep stating is almost like theyre trying to convince themselves that it was a good idea.

Why not just provide the option to use the old destiny lfg site and see which site prospers since yall have extreme confidence in your product (rather than the 83% public opinion), yall should come out on top should you not?


I think the new site in my opinion is better, although it’s not perfect it’s still new and subject to change.


Hey all! These are today’s fixes:

Game Rooms

-10 Min Warning bug - fixed! You will not longer see this.
-Delete My Listing - you can now delete your last, active listing from the LIST menu. We are now flogging Brock for not catching this.
-FIND menu - now auto opens on page load so even easier to sort by Activity, Region, etc.

Edit Profile

-Twitch permissions - greatly reduced the Twitch permissions requested when connecting your Twitch profile (all users recommended to remove and add Twitch)
-PSN ID - fixed a bug where users with multiple underscore or hyphens consecutively couldn’t add

Sign Up

-Verification - some users were getting an error after clicking the link in their verification email. This has been

Full link:

Thank you for the feedback @sQuaTs, we are working hard to meet our users needs while still maintaining our new look and features. We listen to the good and bad, especially the bad. Keep an eye out for the fixes and updates!


Yeah a real beta would have been nice instead of just writing “beta” on the banner and forcing every single user to use the “beta”. Kind of a loose use of the word “beta”

I’ll keep checking back to see what happens here because I’ve been an avid user of the site for years, but I’d like to see a real reply from the staff or admins if they will be addressing the website core (feel and design) paired with the new discussion software + skin. It seems to be more talk about small bugs than the actual feel and design of the website. It would be nice to know the plan ahead and if it’s worth sticking around for or to try and build elsewhere.