[POLL] Just wondering, New or Old


This site was available as a beta for a few weeks before DestinyLFG.com started redirecting people here to FTW.in.


Lmao Correct AerosolMeat… and no one fucking used it! haha


We flipped over our traffic from our other sites for a few weeks before flipping the DestinyLFG.com traffic to help us identify issues. We had a lot of traffic from our COD and Overwatch communities. Granted, our traffic from the Destiny side is bigger, so it wasn’t until we had the volume of traffic after we flipped DestinyLFG.com, then that’s when things truly started to pop up.


By the way Beerock… your 10min timer error that pops up at the top of the screen… gj thats gone. Ya know everything else displays the exact same way (getting an error while updating guardian) still happens, resets your filters, reloads the page, and still doesnt let you “update” your guardian to be listed…

So yes technically the error code is gone, but the source of the error still remains.


Would have been nice to know… I had my username and email pre-registered here and used destinylfg.com almost every day of the week prior to launch and never saw a notice regarding the beta (I guess alpha or pre-beta since this is being called a beta right now.) DestinyLFG users should have been the ones to test it considering destiny players built this site up and was the large majority of traffic.


Ugh… you are right. We fixed the error but not the experience. Thanks for this info that you still lose your current filter selections etc since the page reloads. Once we fix it so it doesn’t reload (this week) this shouldn’t be an issue but thanks for pointing it out so we will double test!

Ps I take full responsibility for missing the mark with our core LFG experience. As you may know, I was the original designer/developer of DestinyLFG.com. As we built FTW.in, I somehow missed making sure the core features and seamlessness and visual readability remained. I blame the fact I was so focused on improving the existing experience with user profiles, further community features and other new functionality (e.g. Did you know you can log on any device and all your LIST settings are saved?). We are a small team, funding only coming from ad revenue which goes to operational and dev expenses, and everyone has full time jobs. Except for me which is 100% on this for the past year using my own savings. We are doing our best and happy you guys are being patient as we improve with your feedback and input!


Sorry if you felt slighted! Not our intention! We purposely haven’t sent out a notice or even made any official announcements to help work out the kinks. We have close to 100k pre-registered users! So we need to be careful how we notify everyone. In fact we will start notifying in batches next week!

Also - we did test our alpha with veteran DestinyLFG.com users. We had a handful from our FTW.in Champs team test. (They are our group of users or Champs who applied and were selected by us over a year ago.) As they tested, we didn’t encounter the current issues. And honestly much of this didn’t come up until we had the volume of traffic as we do now.

But onward and upward! We will get things back to the normal feel this week. Thanks for being such a long time user and fan! Very appreciated.


Notifying pre-registered users is kind of null at this point. I’m sure you’ll get some people interested to check out the site through the mass emails, but your main user-base has already been on the site by now. I don’t feel slighted, disappointed is the correct word if real daily users of this site actually were the ones to test it. I hope you mean it when you say “we will get things back to the normal feel this week” because DLFG is really an extension of Destiny.


I still don’t see what everyone’s deal on the hate for the new transition. I’m loving the new FTW set up.


this site isnt even letting me post my guardian half the time


I had my username and email pre-registered here and used destinylfg.com almost every day of the week prior to launch and never saw a notice regarding the beta (I guess alpha or pre-beta since this is being called a beta right now.)

FTW.in was mentioned on the old site for several months at the top of the page. I get that you probably just scrolled past it to get to the nitty gritty of LFG, but it was definitely there.

Also, as a software developer myself, there can be multiple beta phases. There can be internal betas that only developers use, then external betas only for a limited portion of your overall audience, and then external betas that are part of a launch of a product.


Double check the PSN ID or Xbox gamertag associated to your account is the correct one by going to your Profile.
If you are on Xbox, go to xbox.com and log out.
Then come back and remove and readd your Xbox gamertag.

If still having an issue, please open a help ticket and we will help you get sorted!


I saw it mentioned for months, but never a beta and from the replies I’ve read here the Destiny lfg wasn’t included (don’t know though) so idk if I would have used it anyway. If your a developer yourself I’m not sure how you could be happy with this or think it was well tested.


If your a developer yourself I’m not sure how you could be happy with this or think it was well tested.

Part of the point of a beta launch for a user base is to find issues that didn’t come up in testing. These can be issues related to load, bugs in functionality, or even differences in how users try to use the site vs how it was thought they would use the site. As a developer, this has been a solid beta launch.


I can’t believe this many people dislike this change.


AerosolMeat this isnt a beta launch.

Just because the name says Beta doesnt mean it is one. Forcing the community to use one site over the latter makes it a hard launch. An untested hard launch is what we are conversing about.

And the issue where you cant “upload” your guardian to be able to post for a group (the main fucking part of this site…) is still bugged. This is not a beta issue, this is a developer and website issue. There should not be a 5min lock out at all, there should not have been a 10min lockout… there shouldnt be a fucking lockout just like the last site…

Lets go through the “benefits” as discribed by the mods of this site…

  • all games in one area, yet… no one cares about going to another area… to look for a group. This was never an issue in the past
  • violators of soliciting payments will be dealt with. Ive quoted multiple players soliciting every weekend… for the past 6 weekends yet nothing at all has changed
  • created an authentication section to be able to deal with these violators of soliciting payments… a forced section that doesnt do anything (hence bullet 2), and slows down the process of looking for a group

After these bullets I honestly cannot say another benefit that they have tried to state as a positive. A simple website to find people to group with is all anyone ever wanted and the reason why destinylfg.com was so popular. Changing all the good to difficult and all the bad to emphasized is an annoying issue.


What is the bug?


Dude really? after 5min a popup comes up (the main issue of what the 10min banner was about…) basically saying…

FTW.in says it cant update your guardian.

Then resets your filters and doesnt allow you to post.

This is an issue that is all over the discussion boards and people have been bitching for what 2 weeks now? You cant be serious that you dont know what the bug is…


hey @zztweakz Thanks for the heads up. We addressed the 10 minute bug a few weeks ago and yup! are able to reproduce the issue you’ve described so we’ll get a fix in place asap. Thank you!


When reporting someone it resets your filters as well