[POLL] This makes me so excited. So, who's gonna play Destiny 2 on PC?



Our faithful Chief Strategist @ManBearPig was doing some of his nifty research this morning and slacked us this article, that gets me giddy with excitement (tee-hee), about Destiny 2 forecasted to become the #1 premium selling PC game in history with estimated 3MM units sold in the first 3 months! Even beating out Overwatch!!1!

When I played at the Destiny 2 reveal in LA in May, it felt amazeballs. And I was definitely planning to play it on PC until I found out it isn’t coming out until late October. I’m still conflicted…

And they say it will sell 4-5MM among PC and consoles of digital sales in first 3 months. This means more players on PC! …amazing.

So are you going to play D2 on PC, console or mix of both?

  • PC
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Both PC & Console

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PS4 ftw


Well I’ve got to say I’m getting it on all 3 I got to play it on the PC at E3 and it was a blast the graphics were superb