PS4 Diamond Player | Willing to Help Lower Players Get Higher


I understand diamond isn’t that high, but compared to bronze players i think i could help them. I only play PS4.

If your too low for me to play on my main account, i have a smurf thats only level 11. Once that gets to 25 ill do my placements with you.

Other than that, message me here or on my main account that is listed below.



Im could use your help, I am 2200 sr looking to get to plat and i have a mic.
I sent you a request my name is TheRealAbeLincon


I could use your help too hmu pressdent <- psn name


I could use some help if you will, psn:FIFAFANAK


Platinum player trying to hit at least diamond. DARKSWARM24


I can use your help. I’m gold player started @ 2200sr and dropped to 1600sr. I have a mic and usually play w/ either lucio, oriza, gamer tag is whtsxthexword