[PS4]Flex Player (Character List Provided) Looking for Flex Players


Info. About me
PSN: Foxysamurai


Current Skill Rating: 2989

Season High: 3500+ (I made it a little over 3500s but I am not in front of my console ATM)

Time I am online: usually M-F 6pm-10pm and

Played Heroes: All of Support, All of Tanks, Offense(Soldier, Pharah), Defensive (Junkrat, Bastion)

The main reason why I am not in Masters anymore because, I enjoy playing with friends who are lower ranked than me (plus drinking and playing not a good combo…but fun!).

(Sorry for the lengthy post)

I have a lot of hours on support and tank but, I am capable of playing any other role. I usually go off what the team needs which ends up being support 90% of the time. I ended up being pretty good support and I would like to find people who can flex kind of like me but have a strong role in any category. I usually do not care about age unless they are just too immature to stay focused on the game. **I want to have fun and find other people who enjoy playing this game as much as I do. No negativity!**Just leave a comment or send me a message and we can give it a go.


Hi, I am a mid gold player trying to reach platinum this season the problem is I have people who either troll or throw my games. I can play any role required for the team (flex player). I am a 13 yr old kid but I think age does not mean you can’t get better. I sent you a request my psn is TheRealAbeLincon


hey im interested in playing with you im 2950 rn so if u get this my psn is llbeholdll


I apologize for me taking a bit to respond. We can give it a go. I’ll try to find your name but if anything else, you can send me a request on foxysamurai. I usually play later during the day since I have work and stuff.


Sorry for not responding in a reasonable time. I am not sure if I will be able to play competitive but I’ll accept your request :smile:


Ok thanks :grin: