Rat King - Final Step



(PS4) We already have two ready to do the final Rat King quest (defeat strike with 5 minutes left) and just need one more.

We are active in the evenings from 7 - 11 PM Mountain Time weekdays.

Add PlayStation ID “my_pc_techs” and send the message “Rat King” and I’ll add you as friend, then whenever all of us are online we can hook up and finish it.


I can help right now


I want to do it too. Please add big_scanner.


Did you already complete it? I have three characters are on the step where I need to complete three patrols in a fire team. All around 290. If you still need another, let me know


I didn’t get it done yet. Add “my_pc_techs” on PS4 and send me a message and we’ll get it going.


I’m available tonight, need to do it on my hunter, add fuzzyhammer on ps4