READ ME: Mandatory Maintenance - Fixes at 6:15pm EDT, July 7, 2017 - Downtime 5 mins



We must go in to maintenance mode at 6:15pm EDT to make the following fixes. Apologies on disruption and thanks for your patience.

Downtime: 5 minutes

Items to be Fixed

July 7, 2017

Game Rooms

  1. 10 Min Warning bug - fixed! You will not longer see this.
  2. Delete My Listing - you can now delete your last, active listing from the LIST menu. We are now flogging Brock for not catching this.
  3. FIND menu - now auto opens on page load so even easier to sort by Activity, Region, etc.

Edit Profile

  1. Twitch permissions - greatly reduced the Twitch permissions requested when connecting your Twitch profile (all users recommended to remove and add Twitch)
  2. PSN ID - fixed a bug where users with multiple underscore or hyphens consecutively couldn’t add

Sign Up

  1. Verification - some users were getting an error after clicking the link in their verification email. This has been fixed.

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