Recruiting for a new ACTIVE clan for D2. #Xbox



Over the coming weeks I’m recruiting for a new clan, so that those of us dedicated destiny players out there can be a part of an active clan for when Destiny 2 comes round.

I recently came out of a small clan full of people that either never came on destiny or rarely did, so now I’m working on recruiting people for a new clan that are active so that we can be part of a clan where there are always people to play with.

If you are interested put a post below and I’ll get you in and I’ll play destiny with you some time.


I would love to join my gamer tag is Burial Chaff


Gamertag doesn’t seem to exist.


I switched it try RealMojoGaming


Red Ghidorah … looking for same thing. Destiny Day 1 veteran. Invite :slight_smile:


Mr Solo DoloXV is my gamer tag I’m pretty new to the game