Road To Super Easter Egg


Okay so i’ve been trying to gather up players for all Easter eggs in infinite warfare zombies.
Yes that’s right we’ll buckle up and complete Easter eggs for - Zombies in space land, rave in red woods, Shaolin shuffle, attack of the radioactive thing and The beast from beyond.
We do it all over again for the Super Easter egg with the director’s cut.
It would be helpful if someone who already has the DC to help us out but we’ll manage otherwise too.
Also it would be awesome if people have a little idea about the Easter eggs before start so we don’t get many errors.
Cheers, add me up on Psn - Aadityaraj
I’ve usually available at night time but I can do other timings too.


What’s your time zone? Where do you live? I have directors cut, and usually play with 3 solid players who also have DC. We’re from East, Central, & myself from the West Coast. Send me msg on PSN. Never know you might get lucky this week.