Shadows of evil ee


add me on steam my name is CyberZombie with bo3 picture


Mention me if anyone is interested in doing this EE


if you’re on PSN, add guarita2012


I need three good zombie players to do shadows of evil Easter egg with preferably players who know how to play soe


I will play I need to get the ee done for shadows of evil.


I’ll help you do the waster ee what platform you on


Add me ps4 iSmokedopehd i need ppl to play ee


hey i can play SOE and looking for ppl to do the EE with


I am looking for the same. I’m on Xbox. You?


I’m looking for people to run shadows of evil Easter egg on Xbox. If you want to play lets coordinate a time to be on. Send me a message on Xbox saying that you want to do the Easter egg. My gamer tag is CEREALKILLA603. I’m only looking for people with mics. Players should know how to build the sword and do all the rituals. Knowledge of how to complete the Easter egg is also crucial. Let’s work together and complete shadows of evil EE on XBOX. Are you down?