Shadows Of Evil /// XBOX \\\ Easter Egg


Hello XBOX fAm! I am looking for some solid gamers to do a Black Ops 3 Shadows Of Evil Easter egg run. Mic’s are a must as this is a 4 person Easter egg and we will need to work together to get everything done. Knowledge of how to do the Easter egg is also important. Experience with the rituals and getting the sword is a must. If you know how to upgrade the sword, even better. I’m not looking to rush rounds. Getting rituals done and acquiring swords the lowest rounds possible is what I would like to do. Taking the time to set the stage for a good game is really important. Above all I am looking for fun people to play with. If you would like to give this run a go then message me on XBOX or here. My gamer tag is CEREALKILLA603. Let’s get it!


hey man i could join you in this, i have a friend of mine too that would join.
we are both pretty experienced