Show FTW username on LFG posts


This is such an improvement from destinylfg and it’s a very well made site so no criticism here… But when the site was pre-launch where you could claim your username, I was expecting to be able to show off my totally original, claimed username! I know, this sounds so stupid. I just feel like it if the username was up, it would be easier to remember who certain people are and to connect a little better. Also, to flaunt the awesome username that the person claimed lol.


Thank you! Glad you like the change. Don’t worry @Aksis, this is already on the list of things to do as we improve the site. Of course we want you all to flaunt your witty usernames for all to behold as you shoot face, kick ass and take names :smiley: Our goal, after all, is to help gamers connect and the claimed username displaying will definitely help improve on that connectivity.


Thanks for the response! It’s great to know you guys are not only on top of changes etc. but also replying to feedback! And yes, I can’t wait to flaunt my username and be the ‘Aksis’ of this community lol😂