Sombra main LF comp group to roll with



100 hours on Sombra. Im looking for a chill and fun group to consistantly play comp with. Can set dates and times or whatever, just tired of solo queueing and getting raged at by the autolocking genji’s.


What console?


I was 200+ hours on console, then I built my PC and made the switch. My console group played a perfect 10 on season 3 placements. None of them are on PC now.

I main Ana, Hanzo, Genji and Mei [in that order. I’m a good Ana, a mean Hanzo, a textbok genji and a scrappy Mei]. I can fill most any role. I cannot, however, play Reaper, Mercy, Symmetra, Roadhog or [usually not] Winston.

I had 6 disconnects yesterday, 4 of them dropped in and out. Took a hard SR dive from 1780 to 1550 because of this.

Most defeats I’ve experienced on PC [below platinum] are from negative comms and bad mental.

Add nadnal if you’d like!