Hi I’m on ps4 15 years old just got ps4 first game I got was ghost recon I was level 28 now 3.
I like to play stealth sometimes loud. Psn lucabob040


Add me psn dustkris


Enyone willing join my sqaud and has microphone please add killareaper14


I’m willing too. Just got the game. Psn uhalfsteppin have mic as well…


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Sorry for the spam look of this message everyone, but I’m trying to recruit as many people as I can that want to play with team that is squad driven and tactically based in game. I have been apart of TG for over a year now and I wouldn’t want to play with another group of people. We not only play tactically, we also create our own set of operations that we challenge each other with and create new play styles and tactics. If this is something that interests you, then I highly recommend Tactical Gaming for you!