Still seeing people Asking for money to take ppl flawless


Problem not solved yet, it seems.


I know the feeling but just flag the posts you see and I hear they are creating better systems to filter out this kind of annoyance so sit back and watch this space.


Yes, please keep flagging. We ARE banning users for soliciting. And as @Nexus mentioned, we are building better moderation tools for the community to help ban users.


I saw one user who was promoting flawless runs and he didn’t say he wanted money but when I asked about it he asked for 20 dollars, like wtf. His name is blunty asf, don’t ask him for anything, he’s really desperate and expensive.


PSA (Public Service Announcement)

I think the PSA here is that if you want to pay for a flawless that’s you’re own problem and you should seek help from a trusted streamer but if anyone on this site asks you for money you should walk away no matter how cheap their offer is as they could be out to scam you.