Swede (EUROPE) looking for a team to play scrims/cups/comp




Im a main Zarya player, flex winston/dva. Also able to play DPS, but tbh Zarya does more dmg than any dps ;). Check my profile raring#2828.

At this point im not too picky with ranks. Just wanna get started. Tired of playing with my current friends (who barely play any longer), want to try something new :). Currently on 3.3k, i have aspirations going back to master and GM.

30 years old.
Got TS and Discord.
Played in the best teams in unknown games such as SoF2.

Im able to play 18:00 CET to 23:00 CET on weekdays and 8hours on weekends.
Add me on Bnet (raring#2828) to continue the discussion. Im willing to play tryouts .

Kind regards,