The Change


I personally enjoyed more than Now with the long registration process instead of just hoping on and posting is a lot of people you will lose. That was a functionality that your site HAD over other forum or registration based sites. Im sad to see go and this to come in. I really dont like the change. You’re not doing yourself any favors.


I agree. Some of the changes are great, but the main benefit of codlfg was that no registration was required. Plus, I already see a decline in posts for BO3. Usually, I see posts every 3-5 minutes on codlfg during prime time. Now I see posts on average every 15-20 minutes during primetime and 30-45 minutes during non-primetime, but that might also be since FTW was just implemented. I guess only time will tell.


Hi @N0VUS, @Jarthulhumythos Thank you for your feedback and being a user of CODLFG. @beerock and I have been working on the concept for some time and it’s still a work in progress. We appreciate you taking the time to send us your thoughts! The main issue we are solving with registration is the elimination SPAM and false listings. With registration you’ll know exactly who you are playing with because all users have to connect their profile to their gaming network of choice in order to list. Other users will no longer be able to list your gamer handle, which was a common problem on our old system. Registration is a one time thing and after you are setup posting a listing will take the same amount of time as anonmyous. We’ve also included both FB and TW connect on your profile page to make the process even faster. I hope you can stay with us! -Mark


@quesack @N0VUS I get that, but not very many people are going to say “Hey, i want a group!!”. Then spending 15 to sign up, and connect their account. I NEVER had a problem with false listings. Your not solving issues here you’re mostly creating them, there are cod lfg sites and apps a lot more established than this website that require registration. You guys are building a whole new fan base here and that will take time to see the profit, and view count that you saw with your individual websites. I personally enjoy the original, because people would actually post there, but whatever floats your boat. I feel you could of better implemented this as an open beta but still have open so that over time people move here but there is still the quick, effiecent, and easiness of original.


@Jarthulhumythos FTW is a work in progress so I would give the developer a break. He did spend quite a lot of time creating this new site. New sites will always have issues, but that’s why there is a feedback section for improvements. The tone of your comments appears that you are attacking the developer for taking something away from you. I also have some issues with the new site and share some of your displeasure with the site, but FTW is a work in progress. Also, I agree that the beta should have been tested with the population before rolling it out and closing the original site. With regards to @quesack’s response , I don’t believe I’ve experienced spam or fraudulent listings, at least personally, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an issue. @Jarthulhumythos change is hard. I’m disappointed in some of the changes, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for improvements.


Hi, @Jarthulhumythos, @N0VUS. I’m @MajorTums, Community Manager for Like what @quesack said, we’ve implemented registration because the biggest negative issue our community was experiencing on our LFG websites is people pretending to be someone else. This includes imposters, spammers, and scammers. Yes, it’s a little more work to register, and yes, not everyone experienced it. However, it was a big issue that needed to be addressed, but you only have to register once.

Once registered, it will actually become faster to LFG. For example, the Destiny game room pulls in your character details automatically - all our other game rooms will follow suit soon. Another example is our new system will remember your last LFG, which will also help people LFG faster.

There’s no way around registering, but like we said, it’s a ‘one and done’ deal. also works from any device. So your profile and information will be there when you log back in.

Your feedback will be taken into heavy consideration as we improve the site. Thanks for trying out our new platform and for being valued members of our community. We sincerely hope you use us in the future. :smiley:

All the best!


I have been an LFG user for over a year, mostly dedicating my post in the Destiny section, which is hands down their most used platform for LFG. Fraudulent & Spam Listings is a very serious issue when it comes to this game, and games that have similar RPG, MMO, or Reward styles like “The Division”. I understand how making a quick post for COD might make signing up irrelevant, this LFG site is built for the immersed gamer. Giving them the ability to confirm the identity of their “future partner in crime” of the game of their choosing is a valued asset. I truly believe with the quick 5 minute sign up, literally snag a name, click a link in your email, and confirm your console/system. With these simple QUICK tasks are all that’s required of me to rule out the spam, make sure my group is ready to go is WELL worth the effort.

As a eternal Gamer, Organization Owner, and Champion of this site I fully SUPPORT this site.


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I’m Sunfyre one of FTW’s Community Managers, we appreciate all the feedback while is still a work in progress. As MajorTums and Quesack mentioned above, the registration process eliminates spam posts that will ruin the posting experience in the site. By registering and syncing your consoles to your account once, your posting experience becomes more organized and personalized to what you’re looking for. That being said, all feedback is taken seriously and we’re working on making the experience better every day.


Just as someone who has used destinyLFG for a while, I stopped using because of all the false listings. I can not blame the creator for that, it was an exploit that crappy people took advantage of. I was extremely happy to hear about the need to sign up to list your character on FTW. I get that it takes a little more time, but you only need to sign in the one time. Changes are going to bring about frustration, that is always the case. Once you learn the new system and they mash out all the bugs we will be good to go.


Perhaps in hindsight, you guys should have rolled out a soft-launch for registrations, enticing LFG users to register for an account and link their gamer profiles in order to have a special format for their posts, indicating it being from a “verified” member?

Then everyone would have been scrambling to find out, “how do I get that cool verified status on my posts?”

Additionally, registering for an account could have given them access to the beta site to help with feedback and bug finding.

You could even have updated the LFG site to include posts from the FTW database in its listings. Registered users’ posts could have been put onto the FTW database instead of the LFG database and included in a combined list on LFG.

Slowly, posts would be moving over to the FTW site behind the scenes, but everyone would still be seeing them in the LFG interface.

Once you were down to stragglers left on LFG, you could start making it obvious that they were going to need to register soon.

After that, the only change they would be faced with when FTW went live, was a new look-n-feel.

Instead, flipping the switch one day and forcing them to register before posting the next day, rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and created infrastructure related nightmares (i.e. SPAM detection).

I know this is all in hindsight, but having dealt with significant changes to systems serving high volumes of users in the past myself, I could have predicted this issue had I known ahead of time what was planned.

Feel free to hit me up in the future if you’re thinking about implementing significant changes… :wink:


I see no problem. You just have to sign up once. After that you can just sign in automatically. I just did my sign up stuff at a time where I had nothing going on. After that I was fine. The only other problem I had was connecting my psn. Turned out it was a glitch that happened to multiple people which has sense been fixed. Those are the only problems i’ve had with this site and I can’t wait for upcoming days


@Wh1rledPeas Not to sound rude, but I have had my FTW account for about 6 months now. They did slowly roll it out, so I get your point but its sort of invalid when thats exactly what they did. They new site is awesome, I dont have to deal with false listings, I would have traded this a long time ago. The new site also has so much more potential with all the games in one place.

At the end of they day you decide how your going to do things, dont make it seem like it everyone else’s fault because you do not like it.

PS. I do hope you decide to actually give it a shot, sign up once and thats it.


I’m sorry. You must have missed the point of my post.

My profile shows…

Member since: 10.26.16

I still had to register and link my XBL account after FTW launched. That was the part I was referring to.

Many people came to the site expecting to quickly find a group and found themselves frustrated having to go through the whole process of setting up their profile first.

My post addressed infrastructure load, mass email and spam mis-detection, and provided an idea of how they could have approached things differently, creating an atmosphere where users themselves were lining up to get set up early.

I don’t mind the site. There are a few user interface issues that are already being addressed and should be published soon, but overall I am happy with the changes.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never had an issue with a falsely reported GamerTag.


@Wh1rledPeas I can see how this would be frustrating since the main issue which is stated many time (false listings) never was an issue for you. I am sorry if I came across the wrong way, I am slightly frustrated about the negative feedback around issues that dont really seem to be issues. I imagine I will see more of you in the future. Have a good day.


I personally love the change. Sorry that you don’t like it as much.