Tier 1 or Bust - Looking for members to join Task Force



Hello fellow ghosts. I’ve completed game and working my way up to Tier 1 (at 29 currently). I have a few members in Task Force and looking to find more to build a strong team to prepare for PvP.


  • Xbox 1
  • Extreme difficulty
  • No hud (or at least no clouds)
  • Mic and strong communication

I like assault role generally and strategizing tactics based on squad. I also like to fly helicopters for missions and providing exfil solutions.

Are you:

  • Good at stealth and sniper weapon?
  • Like to play immersively from start to finish?
  • Prefer tactical approach to missions?
  • Tier up and gain skills?

Let’s chat! My XB1 gamertag = ZorgenAteam