Trials Sherpa - Don't pay anyone to get you flawless!


So this is the last weekend that you can complete your Year 3 Record of Triumph Book which means if you need the Trials of Osiris section done then you don’t have much time however you don’t need to panic yet and go about paying someone to carry you. There are plenty of Destiny Sherpas, you can find them on reddit or sometimes on LFG. When messaging them don’t beg or say something that holds no weight behind it. We dont bother reading a message that just says inv or something similar. Send a nice sentence and if you dont get a response in 15 minutes send another as we might be busy. Also if you want to play with your friend then by all means we can make it a team effort!

I will be trying to help out as many people Sunday and Monday so if you need those records completed then hit me up.

PS4: Instantsmile
XB1: Instantsmile


Love this! Thanks for being a valued Sherpa @Instantsmile to the community and carrying for free.
As always, we ban for paid services.


ok this is so true and funny. FUNNY because I have been carried 5 TIMES!! and I have ALWAYS just sent messages saying ‘inv’ lol