We want YOU! JOIN the clan 'Just The TiP Eris' aka TiP



Eris needs incredible TEAM guardians to join her Royal elite guards ’Galacticteers’.

Feel free to click the link and request to join. We also have the club ‘Jst th TiP Eris’ and soon our very own website! :wink:
We are looking for dedicated team players that will be active once Destiny 2 launches.
We will be doing all activities and forming a solid family before the game launches so that come launch day, we will be ruthless! If Bungie decides to hold tournaments, it would make Eris very proud knowing her Royal guardians 'Galacticteers’ were there showing the universe, ‘if you are going to do it RIGHT, then this is how it’s done!! btches!!’ :slight_smile: