What are your best DZ Builds Patch 1.6.1


Hello everyone,

First post in the Division forum so I thought lets start off with something that I know I tend to question from time to time. What gear sets do you run in the DZ, or no gear sets and only exotics or non set pieces. What type of guns do you use, Primary, Secondary, & Sidearm. What are your stats? Like Firearms, Stamina, Electronics? Also how much health and how much damage do you put out?

I personally run mostly exotics besides my backpack since I can’t seem to get the exotic one that drops from DZ.

I look forward to your responses,



Was running a Banshee build in DZ a while ago, using specialised gloves and either a chest for cool downs, or a backpack for extra skill Ower. Assault Rifles and Subs with Enemy Armour, crit hit mods, enemy armour damage mod, anything with a bonus to damage… and based around crit hit chances. Skills 2nd deformation a pulse with +crit hit chance, and whatever took my fancy for 1st Skill. Mostly ran with others, unless collecting DZ funds when I’do just run through solo killing the AIs, collecting DZ $ and any teams they dropped.