What is the first class you ever used in Destiny 1 (Poll)

  • Titan
  • Warlock
  • Hunter

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I started as a warlock and played as that for a while. Then I made a Hunter and have only been playing Hunter ever since! I had played titan before on another account so I didn’t end up going very far on titan. I don’t know why but Hunter just clicked with me! :grin:


Lock all the way! Love maximizing my DPS with Bloom.
Then my first alternate became Titan. Really fun class.
Hunter… what’s a hunter? :wink:


First thing I’ve ever played is titan, I still only use titan to this day.


Ha! I went the opposite way. Didn’t like the Hunter but LOVED my Lock. :grin:


HAHA! i started with my hunter and made a warlock soon after cause i mean come on, who doesnt like coming back from the dead in a shroud of fire and glory XD