What other games would you like us to support?



Hey guys please let us know what other games you would like to see in FTW.in. Any feedback and suggestions is welcome. Thank you for helping us further improve the site!


CS:GO please been asking for ages lol


@Nexus Thank you for the reply! We already have CS:GO in our Requested Games List under the Feedback post (link below). It’s definitely a game we are keeping in mind for the near future!


COD Black ops 2


Hmm possibly add the game paladins? and smite?


Rush has a really good suggestion when he said Paladins. I’d love to see that on here.


Halo wars 2 would be cool!:call_me_hand:


Armello. It would be nice to play some games while voice chatting with everyone else, it’d give it a more “classic” board game feel.


Never heard of Armello but looks interesting!


I have updated the requested games to support list here


Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 would be nice to have.


Friday The 13th


It’s already on the list :slight_smile:


Fifa 17/18 would be great - especially for pro clubs


I’m an avid Xbox gamer and I’d love to see Diablo, Ark, Path of Exile and Terraria.


Halo: Master Chief Collection