Whats a good way to farm for exotic engrams?


Its really hard trying to earn a certain item, i want the no land, and the universal remote, but i dont know how to speed up the process any ideas?


Well Three of coins are pretty good due to the increased drop chances for exotics but its a random piece so If you have good patience and some time you can farm either strikes which can last from 6-12 minutes depending on your team or you can go with crucible matches which usually last 9-10 minutes if you don’t get mercy ruled.


3 of coins will take a while. My friend farmed legacy engrams when Xûr came into town. I don’t know if he still sells them, since I haven’t been to him in 6 months. Also, I think if you buy the legacy special weapon engram, you’ll get the year 1 version; but if you get a primary legacy engram, you get the year 2 version.


Three of coins have been shown to favor a time of 7-8 minutes of being active to drop an exotic. This is an average time for a strike. So just run strikes and use 1 three of coins each time, or stack them at once to improve our chances at one engram. However, if you have over 30 or so, you should just farm off a boss with them disregarding the 7-8 minute “cooldown” bc they have a chance to drop then. A few farming spots are, The gate lord on Venus in the mission, “Eye of A Gate Lord”, The three sol progenies at the end of the mission, “The Black Garden”, and the three Iron Lords in the mission, “The Iron Tomb”. Don’t forget to orbit or die as soon as you kill the boss to save your checkpoint. TL;DR- Three of coins with strike and mission bosses. Save your checkpoints too. Hope this helped. :slight_smile: