What's next for Bungie after Destiny?


I wonder what sort of “risks” Bungie is willing to take with a new project. We should throw suggestions their way. Ideas?


Destiny 2.0? I kid. But this article and quote is coming out at the wrong time for them. So much salt being thrown at them… While I know Bungie is going to listen to it’s audience, I do hope they bring back the incentives to stay engaged with their content in future DLC/expansions. It’s too watered down. Regardless, they are a business so it’s good for them to look to the future, but like I said, this is sending the wrong message to their audience.

As for what it would be next? Who knows, but they should to stick to their core expertise which is shooters and shooting mechanics. No one does it better than Bungie. That said, it makes sense for them to think specifically to build a competitive esports level shooter. Sure, you’ve got a degree of that in Destiny, but nothing to the likes of Overwatch or CS:GO or Rainbow Six.

I even thought they could go the route of doing a WoW-esque MMORPG. But then I realized they still have a hard time with story. But then again, content is much easier to likely produce in a game like WoW versus a first-person 3D environment like Destiny.