What's your favorite class?


Years ago when I played borderlands I started as a Commando. I do have to say in Borderlands 1 my favorite is the siren nowadays. My favorite in any Borderlands is by far Gunzerker. I’d love to know your guy’s favorite class.


I love these games so friggin much. I started out as Zero, and learned to love that friggin guy due to his massive DPS. Commando is so much fun especially solo play. I think I played through on all classes except Gunzerker. I friggin love his character I just never got past the “hump” of learning how to master him.


It’s complicated to learn how to use Gunzerker, but once you have a good build it’s such a rush to use him on invincible’s and other bosses.


I used to play have just got back into it started with a commando too always preferred them


My favorite class has to be the mechromancer because deathtrap has saved my bacon multiple times