Who's ready for Destiny 2


i honestly can’t wait for Destiny 2 is anyone else ready :grin:


@beerock @OVRNRD and I got to play what I think will be in the beta. It’s pretty hot! Can’t wait to jump back in!


I’ve pre-ordered and will get a pair of Destiny SOCKS! Yup, socks, lol. Ordered my Triumph shirt with gt on the sleeve AND also ordered my TITAN shirt. :sunny:
Bring it BTCHS!! :smile:


i’m not ready, i’m scared


Definitely ready. I have three accounts lol. I literally have 9 light level 400 characters. SO yeah, Im ready for some new content. Ready the the new Hunter super for sure.

I will be on all day the 18th and 19th soaking that new Destiny up. Hit me up if you are a solo. Running with one other clan mate that day but theres room in the fireteam. (starting on PS4 those two days)


Hey so i am also super hyped for destiny 2 but i would like an extra person to have a full three people fireteam for the strike and missions on ps4 btw


Just ask an ill say my username i forgot my psn password lol




I’m pretty hype only 3 days. (I’m on xbox)