Why change?


I really don’t understand why y’all changed the site at all. I had 0 complaints about the old one. I don’t need all these additional features that clutter this site up, and I certainly never needed protection from bots. All I need is to find other players of Destiny on my platform who are looking to do the same activity as me. Simple. This site is much more bulky, cluttered, slow, complicated, and overall less efficient than the old one. TL;DR: this site is retarded. Gimme back the old version.


Just saying if you’re only now posting about how you don’t enjoy this sight you probably don’t use it a whole lot. But nonetheless if you post your complaints the moderators will definitely take your feedback into account and remember this is still a beta, this website is subject to change.



@PsychWard8 I’m sorry to hear that’s how you feel about this site, but bringing these sites together was our only option to keep running the sites at all. If we hadn’t switched we wouldn’t be operating whatsoever. This was for the better and I hope your opinion will change over time.